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Spokane Counseling Services is owned and operated by Marvin Deubel, a License Mental Health Counselor with a rich history in working with a diverse clientele, including children, families, individuals and even inmates. Marvin in knowledgeable in tackling real life issues with a forward and compassionate approach.

Learning Adaptability, Frustration Tolerance and Problem Solving

Help your child develop these essential skills by learning effective ways to respond to stress and the demands of daily life.

“What the research of the last 40 to 50 years tells us is that behaviorally challenging kids are not lacking motivation (to behave well) but lacking very important skills such as flexibility, adaptability, frustration tolerance and problem solving.”
Ross Greene

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The Spokane Counseling Services Journey

I have worked in community mental health in various settings since I began my undergraduate program at Easter Washington University.  As I progressed through my Masters Degree Program and into full time work in the mental health field I have expanded my knowledge base by seeing children, adults, and male inmates at a correction facility.  I also have specializing in ADHD.  Each of these jobs offered me unique opportunities for experience in specific areas which has helped me to in my journey towards opening my own private practice.

The Spokane Counseling Services Dream

I have recently taken the plunge and stepped out on my own.  I have opened my own therapy practice, Spokane Counseling Services.  I’m very pleased to have a greater degree of autonomy and be able to practice therapy in a way I believe helps people understand their experience in greater depth.  After doing this work for several years, I have come to learn that human beings are extraordinarily complex and there are several paradox’s when trying to understand the “why” of human behavior. People must come to understand themselves with a greater capacity if they are to understand why they are reliving some of the same interactions and same circumstances that lead to their distress.

In most psychopathology there exists a fixed set of belief systems about self and others.   As people constantly try to make sense of anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, shame etc, but research shows us that the struggle is worth it! Understanding ourselves and our experiences in greater detail helps us become securely connected to others!

In order to focus more on understanding my client’s experience, I needed to create an environment that made sense to me and would allow me to focus greater on client care. If I, as the therapist, am to be open to the complexity of human behavior then I needed to intentionally create a space where I can increase my presence with clients.

When we are able to experience support from our immediate surroundings, then we are more likely to offer the same support to ourselves. I am blessed to be surrounded to by other clinicians  who have their own practice and share many of the same views on therapy as I do.  This enables me to be more present and effective in what I do. As I dive into this wide world of private practice I intend to offer my clients a safe, nurturing environment where they can explore what is leading to their discomfort and what may be getting in the way of their potential for greater connection to others and their goals in life. Additionally I will be reaching out into the community to offer training and group classes to those whom otherwise may not have that opportunity.

I intend to use this blog as a means of tackling issues that I feel passionately about and addressing concerns that I see parents and individuals struggling with on a regular basis.  If you have any topics of interest that you would like to see me address on the blog, please feel free to shoot me an email.

Marvin Deubel,MS, LMHC

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