Spokane Counseling Services

Marvin Deubel, MS, LMHC

20170614_110501.jpgI am a licensed mental health therapist based in Spokane, who’s primary focus is family and children.  I am an attachment-based therapist who believes that our cognitive and emotional processes provide important insights towards understanding how we are able to gain/maintain connection with others and advancement in our personal goals.

My experience as a therapist has taught me that people of all ages who struggle with ongoing anxiety, anger, insecurity and depression, seek a greater understanding and meaning of their experience than mere diagnosis and symptom management.

I have spent over ten years working with children and teenagers.  I place a great emphasis on relationship within the parent-child dynamic. This means parents will have an active roll in their child’s counseling experience.  I have a particular passion for fatherhood and men’s issues.

I believe that most people are in therapy in order to feel more connected to others and understood. They are seeking a deeper meaning as to why they are suffering in the first place.  In adult mental health therapy, I strive to increase ones understanding of their own emotional experiences.  This understanding provides insight into how our thinking and behavior can both attract and repel relationships.

I also specialize in assessment and treatment in both childhood and adult ADHD.  I believe that this is one of the most treatable psychiatric disorders and I aim to provide a comprehensive understanding about the true nature of the disorder. I teach identification of symptoms and practical interventions for daily life.

For a more in depth understanding of my modalities, experience and interests please see my ABOUT page.